What we’re looking for:
  • Anything of interest to student affairs professionals – this could be new programming, assessment, challenges, trends, self-care, evolution of praxis, why you chose SA, changing positions/field/institutions, professional development, conferences, etc.
  • Posts of various lengths are welcome, from 100 to over 1000 words.
  • Creative submissions: we encourage contributions beyond standard writing formats. Think – art, poetry, video, audio, and mixed mediums.
  • Academic pieces or papers you might have wrote or are thinking of writing
  • Magazine style articles that are more formal and based on research/resources
  • Blog style writing series that are more casual and based on personal experience/ opinions.
  • Presentations you have given or were thinking of giving (e.g. CACUSS presentations that were not accepted).
  • “Scratch pad” ideas – opinions you’re wondering if others share or new trends you’ve noticed. These don’t need to be in full sentence format – this is an opportunity for developing ideas and these could be posted in “articles” or on the “discussion” page
  • Email sacdn.exchange@gmail.com for more information or to submit a contribution. You can also arrange for a phone call to help develop your ideas into content.  

Please submit using Google Docs or link to elsewhere published work. Email sacdn.exchange@gmail.com for info about submitting in other formats.

Examples of Topics:
  • Trends in student affairs
  • New programs or the dissolution of old programs
  • Transition phases, orientation
  • Concerns – what needs are not being met?
  • Assessment – how do we process and reflect on what we do? (Is that definition of assessment lacking? How do you define it?)
  • Tendencies of SA pros – do we take care of ourselves in September? Are we sick of hearing about self-care? Burn-out, coping, thriving…
  • Career trajectory – how did I get to SA? How do most people?
  • Spotlight on a staff, program, team…
  • Highlight of a new legislation and how it might affect life on campus E.g. legalization
  • Highlight on a unique systemic/education approach – E.g. Montessori, CEGEP
  • Education in general
  • Any large topic can be broken into smaller digestible chunks (easier for the reader as well as the writer) and made into a series of fixed length or ongoing
  • Monday motivation, Friday thoughts…
How you can get involved:
  • Read the blogs
  • Share them on social media using hashtag #SAcdn @SA_exchange
  • Write an article, opinion piece or submit a creative contribution
  • Suggest the website to colleagues as a way to talk about their work
  • Join the discussion board conversations
  • Participate in the #SAcdn Twitter chats and other online engagement

Contact us: sacdn.exchange@gmail.com