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RelaySA is a podcast showcasing a connected conversation about student affairs in Canada. The podcast works like a relay where each person interviewed suggests who should be interviewed next. Each episode delves deep into the personal and professional story of the interviewee, with lots of laughs, opinions about current issues in higher ed, and interesting anecdotes. The podcast started in 2016 and is hosted by Adam Kuhn (@AdamKuhn) and Nadia Rosemond (@NadsRoses).

Passages is a film by Ryerson Student Affairs that hopes to act as a catalyst for thinking about school. Its purpose is no more heroic than that. Passages nudges people here and there in their thinking about what it means to engage in post-secondary education. Watch the film here and learn more about it at www.passagesfilm.ca

Haley & Chris Call Student Affairs Friends @HaleyNChrisSA is a video series created by Haley Doherty @haley_doherty and Chris Glover @howdyglover. Haley and Chris call friends who work in Student Affairs roles on college and university campuses!