DiscussionCategory: GeneralHow did you thrive last month?
Kerrin Duggan asked 2 years ago

I’ve been spending lots of time lately reflecting on the “Ten Ways to Thrive in Student Affairs” article from September. I’ve been reflecting on how I incorporate Patty’s 10 suggestions and what my own “ways of thriving” are. If you haven’t had a chance to check out Patty Hambler’s article on SA-Exchange from last month you can click here.
I wanted to turn to all of you and see what strategies you used to thrive last month during September?

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SA Exchange Staff answered 2 years ago

Patty’s article is full of great tips and thanks for posting about it Kerrin! The tip that really stood out for me is to have a growth mindset. As Patty says in the article, it’s also related to having self-compassion. This is my first year and first September in Student Affairs. So it’s been quite amazing and also kind of overwhelming. The amount of events in the Indigenous community and the fact that I agreed to take on some weekend work in that community (while also being a part time student) did not help things. I’m realizing that seasoned SA professionals probably have coping strategies that don’t include taking on extra work outside work in September! So this is a great lesson for me and I’m glad to have made it through 🙂

John Hannah answered 2 years ago

Thanks for getting this started Kerrin. I really hope SA-Exchange can contribute to more dialogue – so this is good.

My (somewhat cheeky) answer your question is: one of the ways I thrive is to make sure I’m not hung up on thriving all the time. Sometimes I’m just not thriving, and that’s ok.

Laura Pasquini answered 2 years ago

I am not sure about September, but my October had some thriving action. Thanks for the prompt and dialog about the work we are doing!

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