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“We the undersigned extend this letter to Universities Canada (especially to the presidents of the institutions they represent), urging  your commitment and support in the wake of the trial of Gerald Stanley. We call upon you to take appropriate measures to ensure that Indigenous students, faculty and staff are safe now and in the future. Such measures include increasing the antiracist and decolonial education of all faculty, staff and students in all areas of professional change. This urgent need has also been noted by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples and the United Nation Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and several justice inquiries.”

Read more at: http://www.idlenomore.ca/justice_for_colten_open_letter_from_indigenous_faculty_and_allies

In light of the above open letter to University Presidents, what conversations are your institutions having? What engagement are you seeing in the #justiceforcolten movement? What are you doing or wanting to do to support Indigenous staff, students and faculty?

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