DiscussionCategory: GeneralWhat does mental health look like to you?
Melissa Warden Black asked 1 year ago

Continuing our look at the past, present and future through a lens of mental wellness, what does positive mental health look like to you now? What do you think it will look like in the future? What do you want (or need) it to look like?

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SA Exchange Staff answered 1 year ago

There are so many factors. But for me personally it’s the feeling that I am capable of meeting the demands of life – and that life is one that I have chosen and it feels like I’m on the right path. I guess emotional and mental health are one in the same for me. As someone who experiences anxiety, depression, and panic attacks I realize that when I’m taking good care of myself and being balanced, I am able to meet my responsibilities despite those diagnoses/challenges.
A really important factor that many people struggle with is the ability to love and accept oneself despite any challenges – mental health or otherwise.

Melissa answered 1 year ago

I’d agree, that feeling a healthy balance is important to maintaining good mental health. I know what it used to look like for me, but 2018 (and previous years, but mostly 2018), was a really tough year, and in some ways I feel far removed from knowing how to get that balance back. But other times I know what I can do. Little steps at a time is also important. While I’m not a drinker, I find The Big Book for AA steps are ones that can be applied in many aspects of life – like one day at a time.
Also, for me, an important safe mental/emotional health place is with my pets. They’re family really, and they give love and joy in ways that are unique. I’m a big fan and advocate for pet therapy on campuses! Since I was a kid I’ve felt the hug of an animal, their soft fur on my face, has always been calming. ­čÖé

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