DiscussionCategory: GeneralWhat kind of follow-up would you like to Confessions of an Orientation Coordinator?
Melissa Warden Black asked 1 year ago

Confessions of an Orientation Coordinator was a first for me (my first podcast) and a first for SA-exchange. It was a great way to share some insights into our current students, and have a little fun with my experiences as well. It’s important to get to know what makes our new students different from previous ones, what makes them tick, and how we can best support them. What topics from the podcast would you like explored further in a future podcast?

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SA Exchange Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Melissa – Sarena here. This was great – thanks for expanding the formats of storytelling at SA-exchange.
I think mental health would be really timely for January. Looking forward to hearing more from you:)

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