This blog was originally shared on May 1, 2017 on as part of #RoadtoCACUSS 2017 – a bike ride from Toronto to Ottawa embarked on by professionals from several institutions in support of youth mental health.

To ground the challenge of participating in #RoadtoCACUSS: The Ride, we are inviting you to participate in our ThriveRU exercises, designed to help you manage challenges and cultivate your well-being.

This week’s blog will focus on the fifth dimension of the PERMA-V Model of Flourishing: Achievements.

Achievements are results connected to efforts and skills. Through achievement, individuals are able to add to their sense of purpose, meaning, and can result in increased motivation to consider new challenges. Read this article on 7 Tips for Success for a greater understanding of achievement’s role in PERMA-V.

To achieve, we need to cope! Thinking of strategies that we use to keep our energy high during times of flourishing can definitely help us to move towards thriving when we experience challenges. This week’s exercise empowers us by prompting us to know what our best coping strategies are. Thinking of what we can do alone and with others, and how this fits in our days is imperative to generating momentum while stuck in an effort to achieve.

A favourite question I ask while stuck is, “What is the next best step I can take?” A walk around the block outside, a call to a trusted friend, tackling a project to-do list, or a relaxing yoga class are all regular strategies I know help boost my energy. Much like being stuck in a car without gas, your coping strategies can act like fuel, propelling you forward and making a huge difference in your motivation to achieve goals.

What goals are you chasing? Which PERMA-V factor are you curious to hear more about? Join the conversation at #RoadToCACUSS!

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