To ground the challenge of participating in #RoadtoCACUSS: The Ride, we are inviting you to participate in our ThriveRU exercises, designed to help you manage challenges and cultivate your well-being. Read the full story on how ThriveRU and PERMA-V will scaffold the #RoadToCACUSS!

This week’s blog will focus on the second dimension of the PERMA-V Model of Flourishing: Engagement.

Engagement means connecting to something that evolves through use of personal key strengths. Engagement allows individuals to embrace their day-to-day life in a positive way through presence and mindfulness. Read this article on 7 Tips for Success for a greater understanding of engagement’s role in PERMA-V.

To promote engagement, this week’s ThriveRU exercise calls us to consider the role gratitude can play in our lives. By honouring our strengths through gratitude, we deepen our awareness and appreciation of those strengths. The act of sending someone a letter to express gratitude propels us into action, creating a ripple effect of good vibrations that most definitely contribute to thriving!

The ThriveRU workbook is perfect for everyone! We encourage you to download and make this resource your own.

We’d love to hear how gratitude and engagement are impacting you. Share your experiences and learning with the #RoadtoCACUSS!

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#RoadToCACUSS June 2017

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