To ground the challenge of participating in #RoadtoCACUSS: The Ride, we are inviting you to participate in our ThriveRU exercises, designed to help you manage challenges and cultivate your well-being. Read the full story on how ThriveRU and PERMA-V will scaffold the #RoadToCACUSS!

This week’s blog will focus on the fourth dimension of the PERMA-V Model of Flourishing: Meaning.

Meaning represents intentionality and connecting with someone or something in an engaging way that is purposeful. Meaning is a process of understanding and the feeling of fulfillment through our actions, skills, and abilities. Read this article on 7 Tips for Success for a greater understanding of meaning’s role in PERMA-V.

This week’s ThriveRU exercise reminds us of the importance of “Living in the Present Moment.” When involved in any long-term commitment, the honeymoon phase of excitement of a new beginning inevitably wears off. A very real human tendency is to imagine the worst case scenario, especially in times of deep stress. This week’s exercise helps us think through that tendency, calls us to use optimism to think of the best case scenarios possible, and finally brings us back to our present by setting an intention/plan for what is most likely.

As challenges appear, staying present to what is happening in the current moment can help to alleviate stress and worry. As we have found on our outdoor practice rides, staying focused on pedaling one stroke at a time instead of worrying about worst case scenarios adds up to many cycled kilometres!

Please share what personal and professional challenges you are using PERMA-V & ThriveRU exercises to transform! We’d love to hear more at #RoadToCACUSS.

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