To ground the challenge of participating in #RoadtoCACUSS: The Ride, we are inviting you to participate in our ThriveRU exercises, designed to help you manage challenges and cultivate your well-being. Read the full story on how ThriveRU and PERMA-V will scaffold the #RoadToCACUSS!

This week’s blog will focus on the third dimension of the PERMA-V Model of Flourishing: Relationships.

Relationships, within PERMA-V, refer to the ability and skill of connections with individuals and community, and the ability to manage these connections. Relationships need communication and understanding. Read this article on 7 Tips for Success for a greater understanding of relationships’ role in PERMA-V.

Being optimistic can enable our ability to make connections with other people, build communities, show kindness through altruism & volunteering, and increase our focus and commitment to large audacious goals—like riding a bike to Ottawa! This week’s ThriveRU exercise asks us to reflect on positive and negative experiences in our lives, and how we were being optimistic or pessimistic in those situations. Reflecting on a positive experience can be just what you need to increase your energy, confidence in your ability to think optimistically, and motivating momentum to apply optimism to all areas of your life. Optimism works!

As always, we want to hear how this is impacting you and your work at #RoadToCACUSS!

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#RoadToCACUSS June 2017

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