about #sacdn

Connecting Our Country is a project designed to help facilitate, highlight, and build digital communication channels, so that more Student Affairs professionals working in Canada feel they have a place to share and discuss, to connect with their colleagues and profession. Each month will have a themed question which we will engage with in different ways over a multitude of digital platforms. Through questions on identity in Student Affairs in Canada, we will experiment with different channels necessary to create the digital, united space we need to learn and grow.

This year’s #SAcdn chats are in production. Stay tuned for dates and times to login and join the conversation.

how to participate

To follow along, login to Twitter and search for the hashtag #SAcdn at the date and time listed for this month’s Twitter Chat. We’ll post questions with a “Q1”, “Q2”, etc.; when you answer, make sure to include “A1”, “A2”, etc., so followers know which question you’re answering. You can create a new tweet to answer, respond to the question posted, or quote the question. Totally up to you! Most importantly, remember to use #SAcdn on every tweet!

Participating in a Twitter Chat can feel overwhelming, especially if there are a lot of people joining in. Remember to go at your own pace. You don’t have to respond to every question, and you can still keep talking about a previous question even when we’ve begun posting about the next one.

The best part about Twitter Chats is the real-life engagement with other people. Don’t be afraid to respond to others answers, or start messaging someone with an idea you like directly. We’re just there to get the conversation started—it’s up to everyone to keep it going!