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As student affairs professionals begin to wind down for the holiday break, we can finally look forward to some downtime for rest, relaxation, and reading. If you haven’t already given it a read, “The Student as Artist” is definitely worth adding to your December reading list. First published August 6, 2018 in About Campus, John Hannah and Tesni Ellis challenge the curricular approach in students affairs and provide an alternative that focuses on students as creators of their experience:
Perhaps the most exciting outcome of conceiving of the student as artist is the way I see this connecting to crafting equitable communities where a diversity of voices are reflected, empowered, and heard. Educators have known this for a long time; Paulo Freire, Henry Giroux, and bell hooks compel us to look at critical pedagogy as the practice of critical consciousness, the transformation, rather than consumption, of knowledge, and the practice of freedom. Critical pedagogy, the student as artist or maker, brings the marginalized from the margins in a powerful way.
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