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by Alero Ogbeide, Residence Life Area Coordinator, Wilfrid Laurier University 


How many full-time professionals

Recall the exact moment where

They decided that their place

Was in Student Affairs?


Many of us are inspired

And we love what we do,

But my love for student development

Actually started with you.


It was a busy night in residence,

Some crazy, extravagant weekend,

When I saw a crying girl…

And my night began to bend.


I ended up in a random room

With your friend, screaming, crying.

Each time I caught your eye,

I could see you really trying


To keep your poker face and

Hide the truth from the Don,

To protect your friends and self

From what was really going on:


Unknown pills on the floor,

A hole punched in the wall,

The room owner was missing,

You were all full of alcohol.


It took a lot of time

But you then began to trust

That the Don and I were there to help.

Telling no lies was a must.


In those early hours, you showed me

The kinds of questions to ask

That made genuine conversations

A slightly easier task.


The effect of my actions

I didn’t realize until morning,

When you gave you me a gift –

Two words without warning

On a tiny slip of paper

Written lightly with blue pen.

They remind me why I love my role

Time and time again.


We don’t do this for the praise.

We think more about impact.

Shown gratitude is one way

That proves our theories to be fact.


The challenges, the long hours,

The kind of work that we do:

It all became worth it

When you told me, “Thank you.”

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