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by Kerrin Duggan

January is a time we constantly hear the words resolutions, goals, and reflection. The new calendar year gives us time to pause and set new goals. But a good analysis of the previous year can really aid in that planning. I want to share with all of you my favourite tool for reflection, especially useful if you haven’t had the chance to reflect on the last year or want to dig deeper into the psychology of your goals.

Document on table labelled 'The Year Ahead,' 2018-2019.

My freshly completed Year Compass!

For the past few years I’ve been using a great tool to aid in my reflection and goal setting. This tool is the Year Compass. The Year Compass was first created in 2013 and is now produced in over 30 languages each year. It is a free tool you can download and fill out on paper or digitally.

The reason I have come back to the Year Compass year after year is its holistic nature. It helps guide you through reflection on all areas of your life. It breaks down the reflection into several categories – work, spiritual, finances, health, and community to name a few. As someone (like many SA Pros) who loves their job and thinks about it often, I find it harder to focus on non-work goals. The Year Compass’ focus on so many aspects of life is helpful to keep me more balanced in thinking beyond work and into my personal goals.

The Year Compass is broken into two major parts. First, it guides you through the past year with specific questions about what happened and gives you the opportunity to let anything go from the previous year. Next, you move through guided questions to plan the year ahead with intent. My favourite part of planning the next year is writing down my secret wish for the year ahead.

Year Compass Tips:

  • Bring your agenda and/or journal to help look back on what you were up to for the year
  • Have your phone handy to look through your photos from the year
  • Give yourself lots of time – looking back on the year can be difficult and a bit overwhelming (I give myself 3 or 4 hours to go through everything)
  • Set the scene: have your favourite throw blanket on, light a candle, play some music, or do whatever you need to make your environment comfortable

If you want to learn more or share some of your Year Compass goals feel free to tweet me @kerrinaduggan.

Share below in the comments: How do you reflect on the past year?                                                                                                                                                                         


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